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  1. Can damage some vinyl surfaces – If you have a vinyl-lined pool, make sure the cleaner is compatible with it. Some of the brushes can scratch the ink or remove the patterns on the vinyl. Always make sure your vinyl’s in good shape before using a pool robot with brushes.
    Can’t swim with it in the pool – All pool kolkata ff robots are grounded with GFCI plugs that are supposed to shut off at the first hint of any electrical imbalance. However, there’s always a risk of electric shock any time you have electricity and water together. So, while it’s running, you should play it safe and keep everyone out of the pool.

  2. If debris tends to fall out when removing your cleaner from the pool, try either removing it really quickly or really slowly and keep it upright at all times.
    If you have a beach entrance style of pool, a robotic cleaner
    kolkata ff may get flipped over if it’s climbing a nearby wall. The water at the entrance may be too shallow for it to turn itself back over. Most cleaners have auto-shut off if this happens.

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